Material resources

What is the one we offer to study the master?

At the moment, the Faculty of Business and Tourism has adequate material resources and services for the development of the planned training activities. In addition, there are a series of routines aimed at ensuring the maintenance of them so that they perform in a sustained manner in time the function for which they are planned. Additionally, the facilities comply with the accessibility requirements that make the regulations in force.

The accessibility of disabled persons is regularly evaluated for disabled people and every year, the possible incidents are reviewed and reported in collaboration with the corresponding Vice Chancellor and the aforementioned Technical Unit. In addition to the infrastructures provided by the Faculty of Business and Tourims to teach teaching (seminar 0.2 from Monday to Saturday), the faculty puts at the disposal of the master two cars with 16 laptops each one that will have to request previously the indicated classes.

For both modalities, the MOOVI platform will be available for the dissemination of notes, subject guides and the rest of the material to be able to pass the subject (moovi). In the own application discussion forums will be opened to raise doubts in each one of the subjects, as well as indicate the email of the coordinator of each subject, to which they can be directed so that there is bidirectional communication at all times. The Master has a series of agreements signed with different organizations and entities of the tourism sector (see menu area of ​​the student / company practices), so that the students can carry out the practices (subject of 9 credits) in the facilities of said companies.

All the companies and institutions with which it cooperates have the space and the means necessary to accommodate the students in practices; being adapted to the specialization of the Master, since all of them operate in tourist territories of interior and the tourism of health.

Resources at your fingertips:

  • A seminary exclusively assigned to the master (Seminar 0.2) equipped with digital board for the exhibition of contents.
  • Computer lab for those subjects and sessions that require it, equipped with PC for each student and PC and teacher’s cannon.
  • Access to the MOOVI platform for downloading notes, contact with teachers and delivering activities.
  • Aula Magna Xosé Anxel Valente and / or Salón de Grados for the development of conferences, round tables, projections, etc.
  • Computer seminar (free access).
  • Study room in the library of the campus of Ourense.
  • Wi-Fi connection in all university campus buildings (it is necessary for this to register an account with the domain @
  • Loan of laptops.
  • Loan of books in the Campus Library.
  • Contact with the coordination of the master via mail, telephone, social networks or in the coordination office.
  • Contact the teachers responsible for the subjects via email, telephone or in their offices during tutorials.

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