Supporting service to students

What does it consist of?

The student can contact throughout the course with the coordination of the master either via mail, telephone or through any of our social networks (blog, Facebook …)
Mail coordination:

Phones: +34 988 368865 / +34 988 368738

In turn, the University of Vigo has the following services that facilitate the support and guidance for new students:

Student Information, Orientation and Promotion Service (S.O.P.E.).
Information sessions for new entrants
Psychopedagogical Office.
Program for Supporting the Integration of Students with Special Needs (PIUNE).
Aids and scholarships.

The University of Vigo also offers support to students in other areas with the following services:
Employment Guidance Office (OFOE).
Office of International Relations (ORI).
Courses for students:
Language center
External practices.


Mobility at the national level

The organizations related to international mobility at the University of Vigo are:

Office of International Relations (ORI).
• EURES Minister of the University of Vigo.
• Head of International Relations of the Faculty of Business Studies and Tourism.

In a specific way students can participate in the following programs:

    • Erasmus program, student mobility between European universities.
    • PISEP (International Student Exchange Program) program, student mobility between Europe and the USA.
    • Exchange program of the University of Vigo, of mobility of students of the University of Vigo to universities of different countries of the world with which there is a bilateral agreement.
    • Aid program to promote the mobility of students of official master’s degrees, from the Ministry of Education and Science
    • European Leonardo da Vinci Vocational Training Program, framed in the European Union’s Permanent Learning Program (PAP), for transnational corporate training stays.
    • ISEP exchange program for students.

Foreign students

Scholarship program for Galician people and their descendents for the university studies of the Department of Education and University Organization of the Xunta de Galicia.

  • MAEC-AECI bags.
  • Alban grants from the European Union and Latin America.

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